The Uncle Sam Service Jam

Just about a month ago, I participated in a really cool event here in DC called the Uncle Sam Service Jam. The USSJ was a local version of a global event which brought folks interested in service design together for 48 hours to develop entirely new services around a common theme. The USSJ event was hosted by Peer Insight, who led us through general service design methodology and provided us with an awesome space, atmosphere, and coaching.

Here’s a little sketch of what the weekend looked like:

timeline crop w color2

I really enjoyed learning about Peer Insight’s process and discovering new frameworks and tools. Another highlight for me was how amazing my team performed in the 11th (47th?) hour. I had brought skills to the table in terms of design process know-how and visualizing our ideas, but when it came to prepping, recording and editing our video I stepped back and watched in awe as my talented team took over 🙂

Speaking of talented teammates, here’s an amazing video that my teammate Brent Davidson put together to capture the weekend:

And last but not least, here’s our ‘final prototype’ of the service we developed. We dubbed our service, and created a platform (in concept only) that will help match people who want to learn a skill with folks who want to teach that skill, with nice benefits for the teachers since those tend to be harder to come by. Check it out:

It was a fantastic weekend!

If you want to learn more about the Global Service Jam, you can find them here or follow them on twitter at @GSJam

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